Whether for aesthetics or for security, there are many reasons to tint car windows. Indeed, they provide effective protection from UV rays. They also increase the privacy of your vehicle by hiding what is inside. When it is hot outside, the vehicle remains cooler increasing your comfort. Further, in the case of accidents, the film used for window tinting will hold your windows and shattered glass in place reducing the risk of injury. All our tinted windows are certified and come with a 10 year guarantee.

Prices vary depending on the type of tint requested.

For information, we have provided the prices for certain makes below. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Tinted windows Audi
3 doors 4 doors 5 doors Break
Audi A3/S3 430.- 510.-
Audi A4/S4/RS4 510.- 490.- 490.-
Audi A6/S6/RS6 490.- 510.- 510.-
Audi Q7 540.-


Tinted windows BMW
3 doors 4 doors 5 doors Break
BMW Série 1 450.-
BMW Série 3 450.- 440.- 540.-
BMW Série 5 490.- 570.-
BMW X3 520.-
BMW X5 570.-


Tinted windows Volkswagen
3 doors 4 doors 5 doors Break
VW Polo IV & V 420.- 450.-
VW Golf V & VI 420.- 450.- 520.-
VW Passat 520.- 520.-
VW Touran 540.-
VW Sharan 580.-